Halo Daze™


Halo Daze (THE HALOS / ANGELS), are badass young women who are  hustlers and a go getters. They are unstoppable in everything they do and inspires everyone around. They are fun and create the most desirable energy, no one can deny their presence. She is you, be a trend setter and show everyone what you really stand for through the fashion you wear.


OWNERS MISSION - Lets be transparent !

 Halo Daze's mission is not to be like other "big brands" that has never & will never be our goal, we want to provide an amazing shopping experience & quality clothing at as much of an affordable price as we can and have pleased customers - we know first hand how big name companies treat customers and the clothing that they produce - it is not something we personally stand for. We care about  our halo's happiness and, are more than invested in our halo community. Though we are new our values are true and we hope that all our new and existing Halo's are here & ready to watch us grow! 

We are both full time essential workers but we are trying to slowly build this brand & we know that it will be a lot of work, dedication, and trial & error (lets not forget to mention Happy & Sad tears) but we got this & are more than prepared & ready to bring your shopping goals to life!