Store Policy


Please be advised that any false chargeback alerts that we get will be handled in court

People who abuse the chargeback process are usually prosecuted since chargeback fraud is seen as what it is — Theft.

Halo Daze is within legal rights to file a civil lawsuit that may include causes of action of fraud, conversion, or breach of contract. We are a small business and we take pride in what we do so fraudulent actions will be handled accordingly. 

Common reasons for Chargebacks + Proper Solutions:

Reason(s): If there was a charge on your debit/credit card for an order from our shop that you indeed did not place and did not receive the package to your address (address varies from what was provided to us).

Solution: Please contact us directly at or 470-784-5267 before filing a chargeback so that we can assist you further. We will process an investigation with the courier  & law enforcement as well as process a full refund. In some cases we will ask that you file a fraud report with your local department and provide this as proof for a full refund.

Any chargebacks that were filed without contacting us directly, and the order status is marked delivered/signed for we will show supporting proof of this to shopify, your bank, and law enforcement prior to filing a lawsuit. The customer will be responsible for all filing fees associated with the lawsuit in small claims court. 


Thank you for understanding and respecting our business.